Mentoring & Education



We are so excited to be expanding our mentoring and education options this year. There is now something available for any level – from brand new, to hobbyist, to budding professional and even seasoned professionals who have specific areas they’d like to work on. Tara offers one-on-one mentoring to help grow as a photographer, craft a customized workflow for you, and find your creative voice. The full experience with Tara includes a live shoot with full portfolio review. Associate photographer and educator, Mike Zawadzki, now offers group and individual classes covering the topics of: basic camera operation, how light works, image editing and manipulation, and how to get the most out of your flash. Most classes will be held at the Sarasota studio, while others will be at appropriate offsite locations.


Getting Unstuck (Open Discussion)

$350 – 2 hours


All of us feel stuck sometimes, like there’s this nagging thing (or lots of nagging things!) holding us back or causing confusion and frustration. Sometimes we think we know what it is but we don’t know who to talk to about it. Other times, the “thing” is invisible – we know it’s there but we can’t put our finger on it.  Many times, we *think* we know what is holding us back, when in reality there is something bigger or deeper at the root. Sometimes we just can’t see ourselves objectively, or we lack the experience that might enable someone else to see it. What if the obstacles you seem to be facing are not nearly as insurmountable as you think?  Do you struggle with doubt, fear and lack of confidence? Do you feel like you just aren’t happy with the quality of your work or your editing style? Do you want to find your creative voice? Maybe you are struggling to get sharp images, or wondering where to invest your money in terms of gear. Maybe you want to make a full time career out of photography, but you don’t know how or you aren’t sure you can make enough money to do so.  Do you feel lost in a sea of photographers, and don’t know where to turn for support or advice for the hundreds of questions swimming around in your mind? This is a great open session for you to ask anything without fear of feeling judged. It can be as personal as you want it to be. Upon booking your session, you will receive a Questionnaire where you can select topics you’re interested in, and share a summary of what you would like to get out of your on-on-one.  Includes exclusive access to private Facebook group for continued community support and follow up.

Bring up to two friends to make it a small group session for an additional $175 per person. Additional hours: $100/hour per person.

Editing + Portfolio Review

Half Day (3 hours): $500 / Full Day (6 hours): $900


Half Day: This session can be customized to your needs. We will spend the first 30 minutes reviewing and discussing your current portfolio. We will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and determine what areas to work on. I will help you find solutions to the issues that have you stuck and help fill in the missing steps that are keeping you from accomplishing the look and quality you want to achieve. For this session, you must have a laptop with the most current Creative Cloud versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. If you don’t have those, you can purchase a subscription from Adobe for $20/month.  You will watch me edit a few of my images from start to finish. Examples of topics covered (you decide): Skin tones, skin retouching, natural body contouring, head swapping, batch editing, how to use layer masks, understanding color and how this impacts your work, recognizing techniques used to achieve certain looks and how to achieve those looks, what are presets/actions and how to use them (or not use them). I will show you how I edit using my own images and we will work together on some of your images. At the end of the session, we will compare the results with your previous edits! The Half Day session is best for honing in on a few specific areas of interest OR covering the basics in a broader sense. Includes exclusive access to private Facebook group for continued community support and follow up.

Full Day: This session combines Getting Unstuck + Editing with Portfolio Review. 60 min: Open Discussion / 60 minutes: Portfolio Review / 30 min: Lunch and Open Discussion / 3 hours: Editing Instruction.  Includes exclusive access to private Facebook group for continued community support and follow up.

The Complete Experience

8 Hours divided into 3 Segments: $1200


In addition to everything listed in my other mentoring sessions, I will take you through my Client Workflow from start to finish. I will schedule a portrait session for us based on your areas of interest, and you will see how I shoot and work with clients, while taking your own photos (I will offer hands on instruction, if desired). We will then meet to discuss the session and to edit photos from that session which you will then be able to use for your portfolio. The editing portion also includes time for additional editing instruction.

Day One: 3 hours of Open Discussion + Portfolio Review + Client Workflow + Session Design

Day Two: Golden Hour Portrait Session (type of session will be determined by your areas of interest)

Day Three: 3 hours of Editing – we will review our images from the Portrait Session and edit a set of them together. This time will also be used for discussion and instruction regarding editing issues you would like to focus on.

Includes exclusive access to private Facebook group for continued community support and follow up.

Mentoring Sessions are scheduled based on availability. To inquire, contact me at