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Our Stories

Tara’s journey into creative and memorable portraiture began with her small daughters, a basic camera, and a few rolls of black & white film in 2000. Her professional career began in 2010,  and she has been pursuing her passion for photographing women, children and couples ever since. She is known for her timeless style, her love of the blush variant of the color pink, and her creative vision. Tara has a passion for elevating the every day into something dream-like and wall worthy, and for capturing the connection between couples and family members. Tara has two teenage daughters and a five year old son.

Mike has spent the past 10+ years of his life using cameras to tell other people's love stories. He recently moved to Parrish, Florida after living in New Jersey for almost 30 years to be with Tara.  Mike is an experienced Northern Lights photographer - a passion he has been pursuing for five years. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge about pretty much anything photography gear related, and enjoys lighting images with off camera lights when the opportunity presents itself. Mike is not only a talented and experienced photographer, but a wonderful educator who knows how to break things down and help his students understand concepts in a way that sticks.

Mike and Tara met through their photogrpahy, and after realizing they were meant to be, Mike proposed to Tara on New Year's Day in Tromsø, Norway while on a Northern Lights adventure. They are living their dream together (which includes a lot of groggy mornings, yelling at the kids to stop jumping on the couch, picking up the pieces of the latest victim of their Golden Retriever's chewing obsession, and other fun life moments). 


Tara: cold weather, autumn Leaves, The 1975 and concerts with my daughters, coffee, quiet time, audiobooks (especially psychological thrillers), golden hour, mountains, key lime pie martinis, bedtime snuggles with my little guy, hugs from our dogs Oliver & Juniper

Mike: Star Wars, EDM, cats, fantasy football, the northern lights, astronomy, cooking, watching other people enjoy my cooking, making people laugh, red wine, WWI & WWII history, the perfect slice of pepperoni pizza, did I say cats? 


We love to travel. Tara, being from Florida, loves to go anywhere that has seasons. Snow and autumn leaves are considered magical miracles to behold. Our favorite places we have traveled together are: Norway, Moab, the Smoky Mountains of NC, and Savannah.