Courtney and Greg’s Powel Crosley Estate Wedding

Courtney and Greg are the kind of couple that makes you want to get married – just as sweet as they are beautiful. Courtney looked breathtaking, and her classic hair and makeup by Kelly Anne was total perfection. It’s not surprising they had the picture perfect wedding  – especially with the power team of NK Weddings, who handled the planning and day of coordination and So Staged, who designed and provided the romantic decor and florals. They also chose one of my favorite venues in Sarasota, the Powel Crosley Estate,  a historic mansion on the water. I knew going in, that this wedding would be lovely, but I was not prepared for the visual feast ahead! Add to that the fact that pink is my favorite color – not any pink, but specifically blush pink. I was in heaven, feeling like the luckiest wedding photographer in Sarasota. Everything about Courtney and Greg’s wedding was soft and romantic and feminine in all the right ways. The florals and greenery added by So Staged to the stairway of the Powel Crosley mansion looked like something out of a fairy tale – or maybe the Taylor Swift “Love Story” video – a feeling that was confirmed when the violinists played an enchanting string version of the song. Michael’s on East catered, which meant the food was fabulous and The Cake Zone created a cake that can only be described as art. If I could have had three days to photograph this wedding instead of one, I would have happily done so!



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Lindsay’s Wildflower Maternity Session

Living in Florida has its perks. We have beaches (lots of beaches), beaches, oh and did I mention we have beaches? One request I get several times a year from clients is to be photographed in a “field of flowers”…sadly, the Sarasota area does not generally have that as one of its many features. I couldn’t have been more excited when fellow photographer, Lyndsay of Lyndsay Lee Photography not only asked me to photograph her beautiful belly, but also told me she wanted to do it in a field of flowers…and she knew where to find one. (!!!) If it weren’t for the unbelievable amount of mosquitos, I would have believed I was in heaven when we arrived at the location and I began to shoot. There is nothing sweeter than capturing the love between mother and child, as they hug the belly that holds inside of it a new member of their family. The mystery and joy of pregnancy is so sweet.  Lyndsay styled this session herself and the flowers were absolutely magical. One day I may even decide to brave the bugs again to experience this gorgeousness!



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Anthony and Michael’s Bradenton Couple Session

When my friend Anthony asked me to photograph him with his boyfriend, I knew it was going to be a good time. I knew I wanted something different  – not the beach, not the park – luckily, I had recently moved into a little house in a historic Bradenton neighborhood. This was the perfect opportunity to utilize the tree lined streets and charming stone walls. Anthony and Michael were a little shy in front of the camera at first, but they warmed up quickly and just let all their sweetness shine through. A photographer’s dream come true.

Occasionally, I receive emails from potential clients asking if I am “ok” with photographing same sex couples. It always makes me feel a little sad that they feel the need to ask, and sadder to know that they may have received replies rejecting their request for a portrait session. My answer is always yes, of course, I would love to photograph you! If you are an LGBTQ+ individual or couple and you have come across my website, please know that you do not have to ask me if I am “ok” with photographing you. I value you as a client (and likely a future friend) just as much as anyone else. Love wins!


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Melinda and Andréa’s Intimate Orlando Wedding

Andréa and Melinda met while Melinda was studying and nannying in France. She had taken on side jobs modeling to earn extra money to travel. Andrea was her photographer during her second shoot. Andréa and Melinda became friends through sharing their love of photography. Even with her rudimentary french skills and his non-existant English skills, Melinda and Andrea were still able to communicate (there was a lot of Google Translate involved!). As their abilities to pick up each others’ languages grew, the closer they grew, and they “accidentally” fell in love. Melinda wasn’t looking for a relationship because she knew her stay in France was temporary. She was living abroad for the adventure! Though they tried, they couldn’t fight it. They decided love like theirs only comes around once in a blue moon and they were lucky to have found each other. Their wedding took place at a beautiful private residence in Orlando, Florida. The wedding was small but magical, with laughter and tears as the bride and groom exchanged their vows in the company of their families and closest friends.




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Male Boudoir

I lucked into this session with Chuck. Another photographer contacted me to ask if I would be interested in shooting a male boudoir session. Heck yes! Any nervousness I may have had at the thought of doing something new was quelled by his enthusiasm and chill personality. The whole session was a total blast. Chuck came with more wardrobe than any woman I have ever photographed (haha!).  I really enjoyed getting to know Chuck and hearing a little of his inspirational story. I will be updating this post soon with an interview with him.

These images were a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife, but there wasn’t enough time between the shoot and Valentine’s Day to present an album. Instead, he brought his wife into the studio under the guise of talking business (Chuck and Vanessa own Seaward Crossfit in downtown Sarasota). We chatted for a bit and then I told Vanessa that I was going to show her some of my work. I put the computer in front of her and started the slideshow….her reaction was priceless! Lots of “that’s YOU!” and “Wow!” and laughter – tons of smiles all around. Next up – Vanessa’s session. I can’t wait!



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