Natalie + Clark,

It was such a pleasure speaking with you on the phone this afternoon. I feel like we covered so much, and I really got a solid idea of what you're looking for in a photographer and in your wedding photos. First and foremost, you want your vendors to be professionals who you can rely on so that you (and your mom!) can relax and enjoy your day without worry. I hope that knowing the experience that I and my team have, and the safety measures I take with your images will really add to your peace of mind. You also want your photos to look natural, you want to feel comfortable and have fun during your portraits, and you have an appreciation for great light. You'd also like to have a variety of closer, more intimate images as well as wider ones that really show off the environment at the Powel Crosley. These are all things that are important to us too, so we definitely have you covered on all of that.

On this page, I have included lots of sample images from the Crosley (with a few others mixed in). The link below that will take you to a gallery of Crosley photos has several different weddings with mini galleries (not the entire gallery for each wedding, but enough to give you a good feel). I have also included the potential timeline we spoke about - of course Laura will have the final word on that and you may want to go ahead with a 4:30 ceremony, which I can definitely work with.

Please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any additional questions. I hope you enjoy looking through this page! Have a great weekend!

YOUR VENUE - The Powel Crosley Estate

Your biggest decision is done! You've chosen to exchange your vows and celebrate with your loved ones at an incredible historic mansion in Sarasota, Florida. Some might even say it's the most romantic and magical venue in town. Plus it gives you a little of that Barcelona feel! You really couldn't have made a better choice!

“Tara was an absolute dream to work with...I have never felt 100% comfortable in front of the camera but Tara made taking these special photos come so easy and natural. When we got our wedding photos back I was truly blown away by how beautiful they were. She captured our special day in the most perfect way & I will forever be grateful.”

A Love Like Yours

Every time I photograph a wedding at the Crosley, I'm inspired in a different way. In part, this is due to differences in light, weather, & decor, but mostly - your personalities, your style, your connection...all of these things are unique to you, and your wedding photos will reflect that. Genuine connection combined with an understanding of light, an eye for composition, and attentiveness to the little moments are a recipe for bringing your vision to life and documenting your precious memories.

Rain or Shine, Day or Night

Even if the weather isn't ideal, your photos will be amazing. I've photographed weddings in all sorts of weather conditions. I carry rain covers for cameras in my bag! And as much as I adore natural light, that's not going to help anyone when the sun goes down. That's why I've have worked hard to master off camera lighting for receptions and other very low light situations.

Your Photo Timeline

The following is the potential timeline that we spoke about on the phone.

1:00 Photo arrives at Crosley (dress, flat lay, etc)
1:15 Bride & Bridesmaids arrive, photo in robes
1:30 Bride gets dressed in Gwendolyn's Room
2:15 First Look + B&G portraits
2:45 Bridal Party portraits
3:05 Family Portraits
3:30 B&G go inside to freshen up, guests begin to arrive
4:00 Ceremony
4:30 Cocktail Hour - B&G attend for part, then Golden Hour/Sunset photos
5:30 Reception
10:45 Send Off
11:00 End

“Tara was a dream to work with! She mixes it up so that you get serious looking, playful, candid, etc. I am camera shy and have no idea what to do my body when posing. Tara has the perfect eye though! She gives great direction and knows exactly what looks good in a photo and what doesn't work. I literally do not have a single photo from her that I don't like. I tear up every time I look at them because it just reminds of such a perfect day & she captured it beautifully! I could not have asked for more...”

“Tara is a magician! Somehow she made my 'bad side' look like my 'best side' on our wedding day. No joke. She is so sweet and easy to work with. Almost a year later, I still go back and look at our wedding photos with awe. She perfectly captured the essence of our day in its true dream-like fashion.”


Something I am really proud of is what I offer in terms of second photographers. You won't be getting some random local photographer I hire at the last minute, but rather someone I have personally trained. Currently, I have two regular second photographers who have worked with me for over ten years and add so much value for my clients! I am continuing to build my team, and in 2021 I have added two additional photographers that I am so excited about!

Laughter & Tears - Candid & Fun

Years of experience allows us to anticipate the moments when we will be able to capture an incredible authentic reaction in your and your guests' facial expressions. Often, the little moments happening to the side of the main focus are just as memorable - your mom's reaction to a funny revelation in the Best Man's toast, your Maid of Honor wiping away a tear as you say your vows, guests enjoying the fun things you've planned for them, or a couple sneaking a snuggle as they soak up the romantic vibes and maybe imagine themselves in your shoes one day. Weddings are about so much more than the obvious, and we strive to make sure that is reflected in our images.

Proficiency in off camera lighting is very important for getting crisp, properly exposed, colorful photos during your reception. We have a variety of lights that we use for different purposes to ensure a great outcome for those low light moments.

And of course...don't forget the details!

Although the Bride & Groom and their loved ones are the most important part of the day, that doesn't mean you don't want us to document all the hard work you put into the details of your wedding day. We've got you covered from all sides!

“Thank you for taking the time to read through your custom proposal. I am so honored to be considered for such an important role in your wedding day.”