What if I'm not local?

No problem! Many of our clients schedule sessions while they are visiting. Just be sure to state your available dates when you fill out our contact form.
It's ideal to schedule your session towards the beginning of your stay when possible. This allows more flexibility for rescheduling in case of inclement weather.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can be in one session?

There is no additional charge for large or extended family sessions. If you are in the area for a vacation, family reunion, wedding, anniversary, or other event, and you would like to be photographed along with your siblings and their families, your parents, etc - that's great! Any digital images purchased can be shared amongst the families, so it often works out really well because you can share the cost. For families over 30 people, please inquire for more information.

Do I have to order prints through you?

All digital image purchases include a Print Release so that you can use any lab of your choosing. However, you also have the option to order professional prints.

I really like natural looking photos, but I'm awkward in front of the camera. Help!

Making sure people look their absolute best in their photos is an area I excel in, and is one of my favorite parts of what I do. I give detailed direction whenever necessary, and will tell you to stick your chin out and down or relax your fingers, etc.
You will not be left hanging, wondering what to do. For family sessions, towards the end, there is typically some "candid time", where you will have the opportunity to interact and play as you normally would with your little ones.

What time of day do sessions start, and what if my baby goes to bed early?

If you love the golden hour/glowing sunshine look, your session, will need to start 60-90 minutes before sunset regardless of your kiddo's bedtimes (or at sunrise). Later naps usually help keep little ones happier than you might expect. However, if that is simply not doable for your family, don't worry - we can do a session earlier in the day in a location with lots of shade. In home sessions are another option.

Newborn and indoor sessions usually begin around 11:00 am, but start times are very flexible.

Can you make me look...younger, skinnier, etc?

This question gets asked a lot. Here is how I like to answer it: you are going to look like the best version of YOU. While I never edit with the intention of totally changing the way you look, I do make sure you look your absolute best - and that includes high end retouching and conservative use of the liquify tool in Photoshop. Additionally, posing and angles go a long way.

If you prefer not to be retouched or altered, just let me know!