Almost the most fun you'll ever have in your lingerie...

I'm here for it. Tell me more?

First, you must be 18 or older. You should plan on blocking out about 5 hours. Sessions take place during daylight hours, on weekdays. If you absolutely cannot do a weekday, but still want to get your sexy on, please shoot me an email with the dates you are available and I'll see what I can do. Professional hair and makeup is strongly recommended. I will provide you with referrals to me trusty makeup magicians, or you can choose your own. You're going to want a hair and makeup artist to take home with you. Sadly, I cannot provide that at this time. ;) The session location will either be at your home, at a hotel or Airbnb, or outdoors. If you'd like to have your session at a hotel or Airbnb, you will be responsible for booking and paying for that. Making this decision will be a part of your session design experience.

The Session Fee is $200 and includes session design and consultation, the session itself, and hand editing of all the images you will be presented with. Digital images and printed product are not included in this fee and will be a separate purchase. The average order is $995 - $3500. Interest free payment plans are available for everyone. A link to more detailed pricing is below.

boudoir bogo session Schedule (example, times may differ)


9:30 am: Hair & Makeup
11:00 am: You see yourself in the mirror and morph into the sexiest bitch you know (and you know a lot of sexy bitches). Time to memorialize your extreme hotness forever with photographic evidence!
12:30 pm: Go out and enjoy the admiring stares as you reminisce about being a supermodel.

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Stop saying "maybe one day", and say yes to yourself, instead. I promise, if this is something you've been wanting to do, there is no roadblock too high. You don't need to lose weight. You don't need to tone up. You don't need to learn how to pose like a lingerie model. You don't need anyone's permission. What's the worst that could happen? You don't love your images? I can tell you right now - that is NOT going to happen! You are going to have fun, laugh way more than you expect, leave feeling like you're on cloud nine, and gain even more confidence and self love. (Plus, I am a boss at posing and retouching - attention to detail is the name of my game!)



Take the leap! Reach out HERE! You will receive an email to confirm your request and schedule a Session Design call. During this call we will discuss location, wardrobe, and your vision for your photos. We will also decide on a date for your Boudoir Session.



Go to bed a little early the night before, and hydrate. Make sure you don't come on an empty stomach! You can choose to have your hair and makeup artist come to your house or to the location, if we are shooting in a hotel or Airbnb. Then, we'll do all the fun stuff we've already talked about above (yay!).



We will schedule your Session Reveal. It might be hard to imagine having more fun than you did at your session, but this is the BEST PART - you get to see your fully edited images in a sexy slideshow set to music. Then you get to go through your viewing gallery and place your order!

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