Florida Sunsets on the beach....nothing compares, does it? It's pure magic, watching the sky fade into pinks and corals, reds and purples....And when it reflects off of water at low tide it's breathtaking. Whether you live on the gulf coast of Florida or you're visiting, a family photo session on the beach starting during golden hour and ending just after sunset is an absolute must. Put some beach waves in your hair and forget about the wind - the more the better! The beach is the perfect spot to let your hair go and have that sweet connection between you and your loved ones documented as you run, twirl, snuggle, and play in the sand and the water. I'm often asked which beaches I like best for photos - it's honestly not easy to answer. You can't go wrong with any of the lovely beaches on the west coast of Florida. Siesta Key has amazing sand, of course. But some of the lesser known beaches make great locations for family sessions due to being less crowded or having other features which make them even more interesting. There's a beach on Longboat Key called Beer Can that's covered in driftwood. Right next to it, is Coquina Beach which has rocks and gets beautiful light. Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, South Lido....these are all great beaches for photos. This particular session happened at Bowditch Point Park in Fort Myers. I love the way the tide gets so low, it really creates a beautiful effect. But the most special thing about this session was capturing the relationship between mom and her sweet boys. After having two daughters, I now have a 7 year old son who loves his mommy snuggles. I'm always fretting over how fast he is growing, and seeing these boys with their mom was seriously chicken soup for this mama's soul. But it was also a reminder of how incredibly important it is to capture these moments for posterity, because before we know it these boys will be leaving for college! You can never have too many photos to cherish and we all know how hard it is for moms to get IN photos - they are always the ones taking them! There's no time like the present to click that contact form and schedule a family photo session of your own!