Emily + Jim

Most couples dream of a picture-perfect wedding day with clear skies and warm sunshine. However, Mother Nature sometimes has her own plans. Rain on a wedding day can seem like an unexpected challenge, but as a wedding photographer, I've come to appreciate the unique beauty and charm that rainy weddings can bring. Today, I want to share the story of a captivating rainy day wedding that unfolded in the picturesque White Mountains of New Hampshire at The Owl's Nest Resort in Thornton. Join me on this enchanting journey as love prevailed over raindrops and created unforgettable memories.

Setting the Stage: The Owl's Nest Resort

Nestled in the heart of the White Mountains, The Owl's Nest Resort is a breathtaking venue that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The venue's lush greenery, rolling hills, and picturesque mountain views created an ambiance of natural beauty that enhanced the entire experience. The resort's charming modern-rustic architecture added a touch of warmth and elegance, make it an ideal location for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience, and setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration despite the rainy weather. The event coordinators for the venue, Haylea and Stacey, were absolutely incredible. The experience they provided for the couple, the guests, and the vendors was truly top notch. Having coordinators who are energetic, excited, fun, and organized is absolutely invaluable to any wedding. Hayley and Stacey were all of those things, and the energy the brought to the day was contagious.

It was May in New England, when the air was filled with the freshness of spring, Emily and Jim exchanged their vows under an arbor overlooking a misty Mountain View. Despite the overcast skies, the love between this couple radiated brighter than any ray of sunshine. Their unwavering excitement and optimism were truly inspiring. Rain on a wedding day may seem like an unwelcome guest, but for this couple, it became an unexpected blessing. With the right mindset, a rainy day can add an air of romance, spontaneity, and magic to the proceedings. This couple fully embraced the rain, demonstrating that love truly does shine in any weather.

Emily and Jim decided to take a chance and move forward with having their ceremony outdoors. Surprise! The rain started coming down about halfway through! Everyone took it in stride, sharing umbrellas and laughing, and Stacey and Haylea made sure the bridal party for clear umbrellas to hold for the rest of the ceremony. We were really glad we did a First Look, because we had already done all of the formal portraits. Whew!

As the evening unfolded, the Sunset Pavillion at The Owl's Nest Resort transformed into a whimsical haven. The floor-to-ceiling windows lifted like garage doors and provided panoramic views of the rain-kissed, misty mountains. Laughter and heartfelt toasts filled the room, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration that will forever be etched in everyone's memories.

This rainy day wedding at The Owl's Nest Resort was a testament to the power of love and resilience. The bride and groom's love for each other, evident in every smile and stolen glance, became the focal point of the day. As a wedding photographer, capturing these sweet, emotional moments was an honor, and I was reminded that life's unexpected moments can be transformed into something beautiful and extraordinary if we embrace them with an open heart. Love truly prevails, rain or shine, and this remarkable wedding is a testament to that eternal truth.

Detail shot of wedding invitations, shoes, perfume, scissors
Detail shot of wedding rings for wedding at Owl's Nest Resort in Thornton, NH
Portrait of Bride with her wedding dress before wedding in Thornton, New Hampshire
Portrait of Bride and Bridesmaids while getting ready for wedding day at Owl's Nest Resort in Thornton, NH
Portrait of Bride putting on her earrings for wedding day at Owl's Nest Resort in Thornton, NH
Portrait of Bride putting on her earrings for wedding day at Owl's Nest Resort in Thornton, NH
Portrait of Bride looking in the mirror before her wedding day in Thornton, NH
Portrait of Bride with her bouquet before wedding at Owl's Nest Resort in Thornton, NH
Portrait of Bridesmaids' reaction to the Bride in her wedding dress at Owl's Nest Resort
Detail shot of the Groom's suit before wedding at Owl's Nest Resort in Thornton, New Hampshire