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Creative Fee: $200

Full Story Session

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Available year round, any day of the week.
Session length: 60-90 minutes
Wardrobe: Time for 1-3 outfits
Session Design: Wardrobe planning with live links to purchase clothing and/or help with using what you have on hand.
Client Closet Access: Yes
Location: Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas & Hillsborough
Number of Images: You will be presented with 75 - 125 edited images
Images or Product Included: All images and products purchased separately (see below for details).
Average Client Order: $1500 - $4500

Creative fee: $125

Short Story Session

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Suitable for individuals, couples, and small families
Available on a seasonal basis. Weekday only. No Newborn.
Session length: 30 minutes
Wardrobe: Time for 1 outfit
Session Design: Suggestions/examples based on your preferences
Client Closet Access: No
Location: Manatee County
Number of Images: You will be presented with approximately 30 edited images to choose from
Images or Product Included: All images and products purchased separately (see below for details).
Average Client Order: $850 - $1500

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Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email to confirm your session and schedule a Session Design call. The Creative Fee is payable at the time of booking and is non-refundable. The Creative Fee covers the time and talent of the photographer, as well as wardrobe planning assistance and custom session design. Prints, products and digital image files are available for separate purchase during your Session Reveal, an in-person appointment in your home or at our studio and are not included in the Creative Fee. We work with many non-local clients each year and we have a live online meeting process that mimics the in person one. 

There is no minimum order required because we know you are going to LOVE your images!

Tara Tomlinson Photography is passionate about providing a custom portrait photography experience for you and your family.

Our focus is on creating beautiful heirloom memories from your images for your home and will work with you to create cherished pieces of art that you can pass down from generation to generation. We provide a full service experience and offer a wide range of high quality prints, albums and wall art, as well as digital downloads with printing rights at various price points. We would love to discuss your portrait needs and work with you to create a magical, memorable portrait session. A’ la carte items start at $75, Digital Sets start at $500 and Collections start at $1200.

The Portrait Session Experience

1. Session Design Consultation

1. Session Design Consultation

After your session is booked, we will schedule your session design call. This is when we will talk about your vision for your images, & wardrobe. If you'd like try on any items from my Client Closet, we can schedule a time for that as well.

Included/ no charge

2. The Session

2. The Session

Outdoor sessions most often begin 60-90 min before sunset. We will usually start with the more traditional poses & gradually get into more movement, interaction, and prompts. If kids are involved, we will be flexible and keep everyone relaxed & having fun.


3. Your Session Reveal

3. Your Session Reveal

Yay! During your design call, we will select a date 2-3 weeks after your session for your reveal. I will come to your home & you'll view your edited images in a slideshow. I will then walk you through the ordering process. Online reveals also available.

$500 - $5500+

Why have a Session Reveal?

TTP is dedicated to providing our clients with an amazing full service experience from start to finish! That's why I love in-home Session Reveals. There's a good chance that if you have hired a professional photographer in the past, their process was different. Just like no two families are the same, no two photographers are the same. We are all in different places in our journey as well, and we all have to find our groove - what works the best for ourselves and our clients. I began my career as a portrait and wedding photographer in 2010, and after four years of learning and growing, in 2014, I established the process I still use today. I will be there with you, whether it's in person for local clients or in an online meeting for non-local clients, to share in your joy as you see your images for the first time. I will be there to answer any and all questions - no back and forth, no delays. You will get any digitals you purchase as soon as the meeting ends - no making selections and then waiting on edits. It's also pretty fun!

Of course, there are times when in-person meetings aren't possible or ideal. Online ordering is also available for these situations, or if the client is sure they are interested in digital product only.

What if I'm not local?

No problem! Many of our clients schedule sessions while they are visiting. Everything about the process is the same, except that your Session Reveal will be conducted online.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can be in one session?

There is no additional charge for large or extended family sessions. If you are in the area for a vacation, family reunion, wedding, anniversary, or other event, and you would like to be photographed along with your siblings and their families, your parents, etc - that's great! Any digital images purchased can be shared amongst the families, so it often works out really well because you can share the cost. Whoever books the session will be the one who has the Session Reveal, but each family member is welcome to request one of their own. For families over 30 people, please inquire for more information.

What kind of gear do you use?

I am in love with my mirrorless Sony . A9ii's. I wear both cameras on a holster so that I have easy access to either my 84mm 1.4 portrait lens or my 35mm 1.4 lens. I have additional lenses for more specific needs, like wider shots. Both cameras have dual memory card slots so that your images are being recorded to TWO memory cards at once, That way, if a card is corrupted (rare, but needs to be prepared for!), there's a backup. I got you!

The second photographers on my team also shoot with mirrorless cameras and high quality lenses.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, but you might want to! All digital image purchases include a Print Release so that you can use any lab you'd like. You will also have the option to purchase professional printed products at your Session Reveal.

How do I know what to wear?

We will discuss wardrobe during your design consultation, and I'm happy to make suggestions, send links for specific items, and help you make decisions. You will also have access to the Client Closet, which is full of beautiful flowing dresses as well as some children's items.

Can I have/see ALL of the RAW/unedited images?

I always try not to say not to clients, but NO. Why? Because I really like you. And because I really like you, I want to help you. I want to give you the best service and experience possible, and an important part of that is image curation. I want to save you from having to see some of the less than flattering images I see (think that Beyoncé concert photo where she looks like some kind of bizarre monstrosity instead of the queen we all know she is).

How many images will we be shown?

That depends on the type of session we are doing. Family galleries typically show 75+ images, whereas Newborns typically show 30+ images, and Seniors 50+. You are not obligated to purchase every image, only the ones you love! (But many people do love them all!)

I really like natural looking photos, but I'm awkward in front of the camera. Help!

Ok, so this is where I say I GOT YOU! I will never just leave you hanging, telling you to "just go do your thing over there" while you stare blankly at each other, sweating profusely from nerves. You're going to laugh, and you're going to feel like professional models (but really natural looking ones) by the end of our time shooting. I use prompts to help you create authentic moments of connection. I also tell you to stick your chin out and down or relax your fingers if I need to. It's all in the details, and I want you to look your best in your photos!

What time of day do sessions start, and what if my baby goes to bed early?

Outdoor session start times vary depending on the season, but they almost always begin 60-90 minutes before sunset. In summer, that is usually around 7:00, and in winter that is usually around 4:30. Newborn and indoor sessions usually begin around 11:00 am, but start times are very flexible.
If you love the golden hour glowing sunshine look, your session will need to start 60-90minutes before sunset regardless of your kiddo's bedtimes. Later naps and bribing with treats seem to help. ;) However, if that is simply not doable for your family, don't worry - we can do a session earlier in the day in a location with lots of shade. I also offer indoor studio sessions for little ones.

Can you make me look...younger, skinnier, etc?

This question gets asked a lot. Here is how I like to answer it: you are going to look like the best version of YOU. While I never edit with the intention of totally changing the way you look, I do make sure you look your absolute best - and that includes using my super special secret retouching techniques. ;) Attention to detail is my thing. Also - I know how to pose and direct you for the most flattering look!

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