Parnia & Zakir, it was great speaking with you this afternoon about your upcoming wedding. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day. It was helpful for me to learn about what is important to you when it comes to your wedding photos - you want to be sure that there will be a lot of focus on documenting real moments, and that in addition to posed portraits there will also be photos that capture organic interaction and authentic connection. You also want to feel confident that your photographer will not be overwhelmed by an unfamiliar experience.

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YOUR VENUE - The Powell Crosley Estate

Your biggest decision is done! You've chosen to exchange your vows and celebrate with your loved ones at an incredible historic mansion in Sarasota, Florida. Some might even say it's the most romantic and magical venue in town. You really couldn't have made a better choice!

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“Tara was an absolute dream to work with...I have never felt 100% comfortable in front of the camera but Tara made taking these special photos come so easy and natural. When we got our wedding photos back I was truly blown away by how beautiful they were. She captured our special day in the most perfect way & I will forever be grateful.”

A Love Like Yours

Every time I photograph a wedding at the Crosley, I'm inspired in a different way. In part, this is due to differences in light, weather, & decor, but mostly - your personalities, your style, your connection...all of these things are unique to you, and your wedding photos will reflect that. Genuine connection combined with an understanding of light, an eye for composition, and attentiveness to the little moments are a recipe for bringing your vision to life and documenting your precious memories.

Rain or Shine, Day or Night

Even if the weather isn't ideal, your photos will be amazing. I've photographed weddings in all sorts of weather conditions. I carry rain covers for cameras in my bag! And as much as I adore natural light, that's not going to help anyone when the sun goes down. That's why I've have worked hard to master off camera lighting for receptions and other very low light situations.

Your Photo Timeline

The following is a very basic sample timeline. This is by no means set in stone or complete, but rather is just a starting point to give us a general idea. You are welcome to add time on later if you decide you'd like us to stay until the end, or if anything changes.

3:00 Photo arrives
4:30 First Look + B&G
5:15 Portraits with friends
5:30 Family Portraits
6:00 Hide Away
6:30 Ceremony
7:00 Cocktail Hour (B&G portraits at 7:30)
8:00 Reception
12:00 Reception/Photo End

“Tara is a magician! Somehow she made my 'bad side' look like my 'best side' on our wedding day. No joke. She is so sweet and easy to work with. Almost a year later, I still go back and look at our wedding photos with awe. She perfectly captured the essence of our day in its true dream-like fashion.”


Something I am really proud of is what I offer in terms of second photographers. You won't be getting some random local photographer I hire at the last minute, but rather someone I have personally trained. Currently, I have two regular second photographers who have worked with me for ten years and ad so much value for my clients!