The TTP Team - Get to Know Us!

Tara - owner, Lead Photographer

Hey, I'm Tara, and TTP is my baby! Way back in 2010, I went from family law paralegal to full time wedding and portrait photographer. I was born and raised in Sarasota, FL, and have spent the last 13 years documenting incredible moments all over the Tampa Bay area. I am a mom to two daughters (23 & 21 - yes, I started young!), and a 10 year old boy, and I have a partner of 12 years who you may hear me refer to as my husband. In 2019, I brought my family with me to NH where I photographed a wedding in New England for the first time. We all fell in love, and in the summer of 2022 we moved to Maine! I'm so excited to now offer all services in both markets. I can often be found standing outside in the snow at 1 am, walking in our woods to take in the sweet and spicy scent of the Maine outdoors, and taking dozens of photos of my cats sleeping in cute positions. PS - I already love your dog, so yes, bring allll the pups!

Michael - SENIOR Associate Lead & second PHOTOGRAPHEr

When it comes to weddings, I always say that Michael is the closest thing there is to a clone of me. I guess that can happen after 12 years of working together! In addition to being the most reliable person I've ever known, he truly loves thinking of new, creative shots and is always ready to run, jump, and climb to get it done. His other loves are photographing nature, cars, and of course, his wife and two daughters.

Ashley - ASSOCIATE LEAD, Second Photographer, Associate Portrait Photographer

Ashley brings so much positive energy the moment she walks through the door. For years, I wanted a team member who could be my travel companion and friend, as well as a talented and skilled photographer. I am so fortunate to have found that in Ashley. It took a decade to find someone else I feel 100% comfortable with representing TTP if that doesn't inspire confidence, I don't know what does! Ashley's has three wonderful little ones and an incredibly supportive husband who often provides us with his unique brand of subtle comic relief.


Jake is someone I would describe as steady and quietly confident. Maybe that has to do with the two decades he spent serving in the National Guard, or maybe that's just how he's made. Either way, it makes him a great asset to the team. Jake has been working with TTP since 2011, and was an important part of its growth and success. Jake loves a good adventure, and is always excited to travel to a new location or climb a tree for the best shot. He has two daughters and a wife who really have no business being as gorgeous and smart as they are.

Emmie - ASSOCIATE LEAD & Second Photographer

When I think if Emmie, I think of an incredible stroke of luck. More than one stroke of luck, really. She was the first photographer I hired to second shoot with me in New England, and she was a HOME RUN! I knew right away that I wanted Emmie to be my go-to for my northern weddings. As if this immediate gift of good fortune wasn't enough, we unknowingly ended up buying a house in a neighboring town when we moved to Maine. But that's not where the luck ends. Emmie also has ties to Southwest Florida, and is always eager to work with Florida couples. Thank you, universe!

Let's talk about having your wedding, event, to session photographed by a team member...

Naming your business after yourself has a lot of benefits, but eventually it can lead to feeling as though you may have unintentionally limited yourself. Won't I personally need to be the lead photographer always and forever? The answer to that question came to me when I thought about it in terms of designer clothing brands...Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Tom every design created by those specific individuals? Of course not. They have a trusted team who have been chosen for their talent and skill, and who have been trained to create designs that are cohesive with the vision of the brand. That is how I view my team at TTP.

Many photography businesses play fast and loose with associates and second photographers, often gambling on being able to secure an adequate professional within a month or two of your wedding. That's just not how we do things. My team members have consistently worked directly with me, and are trusted with your memories because I have verified over and over again that they will bring the same energy, commitment, skill, and care to the table as I do. They are familiar with my style and approach, and are able to create images that blend seamlessly with my own. If you have seen my website, you have seen their work.

When you book, you are booking with a specific photographer. The only time your photographer would change is in the case of a true emergency (those details are listed in your contract).

It has taken a decade for TTP to add the option to book a team member as lead photographer. It is something that required complete confidence and unbreakable trust. Dreams were delayed, and priorities reorganized until those standards were reached. It is with tremendous excitement that we have reached this point, and I am so very grateful to have Michael, Ashley, Jake, and Emmie as part of the team!