McKenzie + Trent

The day of Mckenzie and Trent's wedding at Armature Works in Tampa started out a little strange for me. I consider myself to be pretty good with finding new locations via google maps, and I didn't expect finding the Airbnb the girls were getting ready in to be any different than usual. Luckily, I arrived early because I spent quite some time walking the street up and down in utter confusion. I kept passing it by because as it turns out, this place is a converted office of some kind. It did not look residential from the outside at all. I was still scratching my head when I opened the door, and then I was like "Oh! AHHHHH...." What I found was the coolest little Airbnb I ever did see in Tampa. Beautifully converted and remodeled into a slice of mid-century modern paradise. My favorite detail was the wall of framed records, which I couldn't resist using to hang the wedding dress on. Speaking of wedding dresses - little photographer heart skipped several beats when I saw it in all it's lacy boho glory. I already knew the bride had a great tan and gorgeous long, beach hair (expertly styled by Style Hair and Makeup of Tampa)- I didn't have to see her in it to know she and this dress were a match made in wedding heaven! ;)

Fast forward to the First Look at Armature Works. If anyone reading isn't totally sold on a First Look, thats A-OK, but this one might change your mind. The groom's emotional reaction is what every bride dreams of, and if you keep scrolling to the ceremony you'll see that the First Look didn't ruin her grand entrance at all - he gets emotional all over again! Score - two for one! I really loved the choice of all black for the bridesmaids dresses - it really worked well with the venue, especially the outdoor photos showing the brick of the Armature Works building. Take a look at the amazing elevated floral arrangements by Shelby Glynn Floral on the table at the reception. I really have to say that Armature Works is special - a venue that filled a hole in the Tampa market for industrial-chic weddings. To top it off, the staff there is really great and on top of everything. If you're planning a wedding there, don't hesitate to reach out to Piper Marie Events - the owner, Alexa, is fantastic and so is her whole team! Last but not least....THE BAND - Bay Kings Band...they were SO good, really got everyone out on the dance floor and living their best wedding day life!