Jenny + Jeff

Ahhh...The Oxford Exchange. Every wedding photographer seems to have their elusive dream venues which, for whatever reason, just never seem to get on the books. I've adored The Oxford Exchange - a delicious marriage of bookstore + cafe + amazing restaurant in Tampa - with my book-loving little heart since the moment I walked through its large old doors seven years ago. Ever since, I've coveted the unique venue as a wedding location to photograph. But, you know, you book what you show, so they say! And so, while I kept booking weddings at my other favorite venues like The Powel Crosley Estate, Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast, Marie Selby Botanical Garden, and Edson Keith Estate, The Oxford Exchange continued to elude me. So one night, at a hotel in Orlando, an inquiry from a bride came in via email. We spoke on the phone right away, and I knew immediately that working together would be a really great fit. Jenny was really into the aesthetics of the whole day - she's a Brand Identity Designer with a Masters in Fashion Commerce (check her work out at Jenny Rose Creative) - she really wanted a fashion-editorial look to her photos (perfect for The Oxford Exchange), and I was HERE FOR IT. The groom, Jeff, is a reserved guy with a degree in Philosophy, who prefers to watch the craziness unfold from the sidelines. So Jenny's vision really worked out perfectly. This is why, as you scroll through these images you may notice far less PDA, hysterical laughter, and running while holding hands than you might normally see. And you know what? I love it. It's great for the creative juices to switch things up now and then, and honestly - this is what it's all about - giving the couple what THEY envision for their wedding photos.

The rooms on the second floor of The Oxford Exchange are a really great space for couples to get ready. The exposed gray brick, modern art, and large windows create a light filled space that is equal parts classic and trendy. And OE does right by its wedding couples, with a gorgeous fruit and cheese spread, champagne, and hooks & hangers-on all the right places. They even remove some of the large art from the wall to make space to hang the dress on the exposed brick. The cocktail hour + reception took place in the atrium, which is a grand yet cozy feeling space with high ceilings, black & white checkered floor, and dark wood paneling - and of course the quintessential OE masterpiece - the wood paneled staircase decorated with old paintings and photographs of historic figures. The ceremony took place in the Conservatory, which is also their restaurant when not being used for a wedding. This incredible room is all white with light and greenery. White bricks form a geometric pattern along the wall, and greenery criss-crosses it for a stunning effect. Tailored Twig created the perfect florals for the space - white hydrangeas and roses with abundant greenery. After the emotional and pretty hilarious speeches given by the father of the groom and mother of the bride, Jenny changed into her second dress. Her hair, a sleek updo, was perfect for both dresses - thanks to Madison Fenner. She reminded me so much of photos I'd seen of my own mother (who has similar dark hair & eyes and petite frame) in a similar style dress the late 70's and early 80's that I did several double takes. You HAVE to see the dress, so make sure you scroll all the way through.